Life on Bainbridge Island

December 14, 2009
Century 21 blazer

What Ever Happened to those Century 21 Blazers?

I could use one of those about now. I generally have a problem with uniformity; however, if it solves decision making problems on dark winter mornings and eliminates clothes shopping . . . sign me up. If you know me, you know I do not love to dress up. I […]
December 11, 2009
Holiday Sparkle on Winslow Way.

If it were up to my six year old . . .

 this is what our Christmas tree would look like. For now, ours is the Evergreen Style, and this one is sitting proudly in the window of Kennedy and Kate in downtown Winslow. Buy local and enjoy the amazing window displays downtown. Below is part of the award-winning display for Churchmouse […]
November 27, 2009
Fort Ward Trails on Bainbridge Island

Thanksgiving Colors at Fort Ward

Before the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving started, I snuck away for a Thanksgiving-Eve walk out at Fort Ward. The reward for my brisk walk is the view of Mt. Rainier at my half-way point on South Beach. Love my iPhone for taking quick picts of all the island has […]
September 24, 2009
Neighborhoods on Bainbridge Island | Jen Pells | Realtor

The North Town Woods Neighborhood on Bainbridge Island

The open space in the center of North Town Woods. Many, but not all, of the homes back to the large open space.  Before I moved here, I had a hard time visualizing what the island was like (even after a week long visit). I wasn’t sure if there were […]
March 3, 2008
Life on Bainbridge Island by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent

How Little Minds Work

A couple of weeks ago, my seven year old and I were talking about birthdays. Her 8th birhtday is coming up and the party planning is in full swing. However, this particular conversation was about which day of the week she was born. A quick Google check revealed it was […]