Fay Bainbridge State Park

April 17, 2010
Bay Hay and Feed Store in Rolling Bay.

The Rolling Bay Neighborhood on Bainbridge Island

The Rolling Bay Neighborhood is more of an area than a neighborhood.  The other neighborhoods I have blogged about have been closer in and more homogeneous.  The Rolling Bay Neighborhood is just up 305 to North Madison, then Valley.  Rolling Bay is known for Bay Hay and Feed, our local […]
February 23, 2008
Life with Kids on Bainbridge Island Jen Pells Real Estate Agent

I Still Have to Remind Myself We Live on an Island

Having grown up in the East Bay and Sacramento, California, living so very close to so much water is relatively new for me. I am still sometimes caught off guard when I wind down Blakely Avenue and almost drop into Eagle Harbor. Or when I am touring around, looking at […]