March 9, 2014
Folks riding the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge.

Snapshot of Bainbridge Island

The Bainbridge Island Community The kindness of the community is what really made us take the leap to relocate to the island. There are many beautiful places around the world, but knowing that we were coming to a place where folks were eager to incorporate us into the day to […]
January 31, 2012
This year the Bainbridge School's Foundation has pledged a million dollars to help bridge the gap.

Bainbridge Schools Foundation – and a look inside our schools

Bridging the Gap The best way to describe what the Bainbridge Schools Foundation does is – bridge the gap.  They bridge the gap between state funding and the amount of money really needed to run a school – and run it well. Since 2006 BSF has been working hard to […]
November 12, 2010
Schools on Bainbridge Island

Waiting for Superman and School Quality on Bainbridge Island

Many folks from the island went to see Waiting for Superman this week at the Lynwood Center Theatre.  It has made for some good discussion and I know it has been on my mind since I saw it on Monday.  As a former public middle and high school inner-city English […]
June 22, 2010

One Third of Bainbridge Island High School Grads National Honor Society Members

The Bainbridge High School Class of 2010 graduated on June 12th, one of the few sunny days so far this June.  The bright day was fitting for the high achieving class that is now entering the “real world.”  If you read my blog regularly, you’ve heard me say more than […]
February 5, 2008
Schools on Bainbridge Island Jen Pells Real Estate Agent

When Small is Good

The other day my seven year old had a dentist appointment at 10:00 am. Her elementary school starts at 9:30. To make it easy, we went to the dentist and then I drove her in to school late. I walked her in the office, knowing I would have to sign […]