Bainbridge Island School District

January 31, 2012
This year the Bainbridge School's Foundation has pledged a million dollars to help bridge the gap.

Bainbridge Schools Foundation – and a look inside our schools

Bridging the Gap The best way to describe what the Bainbridge Schools Foundation does is – bridge the gap.  They bridge the gap between state funding and the amount of money really needed to run a school – and run it well. Since 2006 BSF has been working hard to […]
February 21, 2010
The SAM in Seattle by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent on Bainbridge Island

There’s Bainbridge, but don’t forget about Seattle

My daughter Zoe made a twisted wire lion in one of the Seattle Art Museum’s project classes. One of Alexander Calder’s Mobiles on display at the Seattle Art Museum. Of course I write a lot about Bainbridge here on my Bainbridge Blog . . . however, I don’t want you […]