November 22, 2009
Commodore Cares on Bainbridge Island

Project Wishbone – Commodore Cares!

Yesterday, Helpline House collected food for Project Wishbone. Project Wishbone is a Helpline House project that matches the generosity of the Bainbridge Island Community with those in need. Helpline House becomes a store full of Thanksgiving provisions, where local families in need can receive all the ingredients needed for a […]
July 22, 2009
Tour de Coop on Bainbridge Island by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent

Tour de Coop

  Everyone is getting chicks. Farm fresh eggs are all the rage. Is it the recession? Is it because fresh eggs are better? Is it because chicks are cute? I suspect for our family, the latter is the reason . . . our kids really want to get chicks. However, […]