July 2, 2009
Fay Bainbridge Park on Bainbridge Island by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent

Summer already . . .

    The school years zip by even quicker than when I was a kid . . . and here we are in July. Summer is already well underway and I don’t think I even have the lunchboxes packed away. The end of the school year is so busy . […]
May 8, 2009
GNO In Winslow by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent on Bainbridge Island

Girl’s Night Out in Winslow

Last night was the Bainbridge Island Downtown Association’s 7th Annual Girl’s Night Out. The Pacific Northwest weather gave us all a break from the rain and I had a fun time with friends shopping, eating and supporting the local merchants. We explored the new Sweet Deal location and the new […]
January 19, 2009
Wing Point by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent on Bainbridge Island

My, Aren’t We Popular

Last week our little island was written up in the New York Times. The article has some great images of the island and quotes from local islanders. It is nice to get so much attention. We were in Coastal Living at the end of last year and have been featured […]
December 30, 2008
Snow on Bainbridge Island

Yes, This is Bainbridge

December proved to be a wild month for weather here on the island. If you live here, you already know this. If you are reading my blog from afar, know that Bainbridge does not usually get snow like this. But, since the rest of the country had crazy weather this […]
February 22, 2008
Madrone Village on Bainbridge Island

Condo Living. It May Really be for You After All

One fabulous thing Bainbridge Island has going for it is its wide selection of high-end, ferry-close, harbor view condos. If when you think of condo, you think of a cramped, dark, noisy space, think again about condos on Bainbridge. The best benefit to living in a condo on Bainbridge is […]
January 25, 2008
There is not Target on Bainbridge Island by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent

Target Withdrawals

Before I moved to Bainbridge Island, I lived a mere five minutes from Target.Daily, if I wanted or needed, I could cruise the aisles for diapers, wipes, laundry detergent, Pottery Barn knock-offs, or dig through the clearance end-caps. From Bainbridge Island, the closest and easiest Target to get to is […]