How Do You Want to Live on Bainbridge Island?

That is a question I ask my new clients.  Sometimes they know and sometimes they look back at me with a blank stare.  I think many Newcomers to the island think that rural options are all they have.  But, the truth is we have condos, townhomes, waterfront, cul-de-sac neighborhoods, and yes, homes on acreage. But some of those homes are half an acre and some are ten acres.  So, dive in and explore the different areas and options you have on the island.  There are blog posts for many of the more popular areas/neighborhoods with photos of homes in that area.

North Island Neighborhoods

The North Island Neighborhoods offer a variety of living options.  From waterfront estates on Sunrise Drive with Seattle City Views, to Manzanita Bay waterfront homes boasting Olympic Mountain views and colorful sunsets, to the stately manicured Hidden Cove Estates Neighborhoods to the large pastoral lots found in the Rolling Bay neighborhood. There are a wide variety of options for every price point and wants/needs list. Most homes in this area feed to Captain Wilkes Charles Elementary School.

The Agate Point Area

The Agate Point Area is on the extreme north end of the island on the eastern side. This area is known to have a great neighbor nearby in the Bloedel Reserve, a multi acre, private garden estate for walking, events and just pure nature loving. Homes in this area are on larger lots and many are wooded. Some are on the water with northern or eastern facing views. Some sit on Agate Passage and have nice vistas of the Agate Pass Bridge and Agate Passage itself, which makes for some fun marine traffic viewing.

The Arrow Point and Battle Point Neighborhoods

Battle Point Park on Bainbridge Island

On the northwest side of the island homes in this area are typically on larger half acre to acre plus lots. Many are wooded, but some have lovely cleared, sunny pastoral areas too. And some are waterfront or have western vistas of the water and Olympic Mountains. Being close to popular Battle Point Park is a huge plus, in addition to a great trail system nearby within the Grand Forest. For more information and photos on this area visit the Arrow Point and Battle Point blog post.

The Manzanita Bay Area/Neighborhood

The Manzanita Bay Area is also on the west side of the island, but a bit farther north than Battle Point. This is a popular area for waterfront homes as they face west and many have sandy beaches. The Manzanita Bay itself is a fantastic, useable body of water, terrific for kayaking and paddle boarding. There are a few pubic access points. Homes not on the water here are typically on larger, one acre or larger lots.

The Meadowmeer Neighborhood

A home in the Meadowmeer Neighborhood

The Meadowmeer Neighborhood is built up around the Meadowmeer Golf Course, a 9 hole, public golf course and the area is still very central on the island. The Meadowmeer area sits up high on Koura Road and gets wonderful all-day light. Many homes here are on the golf course, but now all. The Bainbridge Athletic Club is also a huge perk to have as a neighbor in this area. It has tennis courts an outdoor pool and is very family friendly. Most homes were built in the 1970s to 1990s. There are great neighborhood trails and all neighbors can pretty easily access the Grand Forest trail system. Plus easy access to Highway 305 and Miller Road for getting into town. This area also includes the Equestrian Area of Derby Downs. The Grand Forrest connects both of these larger areas – and makes for great, nearby hiking options.

The Port Madison Neighborhood

Jen Pells Sales Portfolio Bainbridge Island Agent

Port Madison is a gem of a neighborhood on the Northeast end of the island. Many people think it looks a lot like a New England port town. Homes considered to be in Port Madison surround Port Madison Bay and include Hidden Cove Road and Point Monroe. Many are waterfront or have views. The core neighborhood of Port Madison shares about 1000 feet of waterfront and a dock. Those not directly in the neighborhood can access the water from the public Hidden Cove Dock. The easily walkable streets of Washington and Euclid in Port Madison help connect the neighbors in this north end community, creating a friendly neighborhood vibe. This area also includes the two newer master planned neighborhoods of Hidden Cove Estates.

The Rolling Bay & Windsong Neighborhoods

The Rolling Bay Neighborhood on Bainbridge Island by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent

Bucolic Rolling Bay is just as you enter the north end of the island, so it still feels very central to the ferry and Winslow. Much of this neighborhood has a pastoral feel and you see lots of barns as you drive around. Some homes have water views off the east side of the island, but the Rolling Bay Center, which includes the popular Bay Hay and Feed store creates a nice north end hub to unify the area. Many homes are on a half acre to one acre lots and there are larger 5 and 10 acre parcels here too. For more info and photos of the area visit the Rolling Bay blog post.

The Windsong Neighborhood is one of the older master-planned view neighborhoods. Many homes here have views of the Olympic Mountains and most have lots around half an acre. Most home were built in the 1970s to 1980s and were all built around a historic dairy barn, that is now an iconic home on the island. The neighborhood has a warm community feel as neighbors also share great, grassy open spaces. Still very central on the island with easy access to HWY 305 and the Rolling Bay Center.

The Seabold Neighborhood

On the very northwest end of the island is the Seabold Area. This area consists of many view and waterfront homes that have nice vistas of the water and Olympic Mountains. Many homes that are not directly on the water have larger pastoral lots. Homes here range from old farming cottages to multi-million dollar waterfront homes.

Central Island Neighborhoods

Central Island Neighborhoods offer close proximity to Winslow and the ferry, but many different housing options are still present. Modern and cozy condos are a popular option, but so are Eagle Harbor waterfront homes and neighborhoods like North Town Woods and Commodore that offer sidewalks and cul-de-sacs perfect for walking and bike riding.  Horse properties can be found in all areas of the island, even five minutes from the ferry in the popular Derby Downs area. Most homes in this area feed to the central elementary school Ordway Elementary.

The Ferncliff Area

Garibaldi on Bainbridge Island sold by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent on Bainbridge Island

The Ferncliff Area consists of homes further out on Ferncliff away from the ferry and moving across HWY 305 it also includes Grand Avenue, which interests with Ferncliff as you head north. Many homes in this area are on larger lots and with septic systems. Some have eastern facing views of the Seattle Skyline and Space Needle and some are waterfront, mostly higher-bank. This are is also home to Woodland Village, more commonly known as Garibaldi Loop, a popular Craftsman-styled neighborhood of 27 newer homes walking distance to shops and the ferry.

The Island Center & Fletcher Bay Areas

The Island Center and Fletcher Bay Areas includes homes off and around New Brooklyn Road, Fletcher Bay Road and the western portion of High School Road. The Fletcher Bay Area has homes on larger multi-acre lots and many homes that are waterfront on Hansen Road have western and Olympic Mountain Views. The homes on New Brooklyn can be on larger 5 to 10 acre plus parcels.

The Manitou Beach and Murden Cove Neighborhoods

On the west side of HWY 305 is the Murden Cove and Manitou Beach Area. Homes in this area cluster around Murden Cove. Homes overlooking Murden Cove not only have a view of the water but also a view of Downtown Seattle. Many homes in Murden Cove share beach a beach access area on Manitou Beach and there is also a public access point with parking. Many homes in the area have a mid-century modern vibe or a beach cottage style and some areas like Edgecombe Lane have newer and larger homes. A great area for walking with excellent connection to the Rolling Bay Center too. Easy access to HWY 305 and Winslow.

The Yeomalt Point Neighborhood

The Yeomalt Point Neighborhood is on the northern edge of Wing Point is often lumped together with Wing Point. The Yeomalt Point area has a neighborhood of waterfront homes and view homes on the east side of the island. Many homes share a private beach access point if they are not directly on the water. This area also includes the roads of Grand Avenue and Broomgerrie Road, both streets that have homes with great views of Seattle.

The Wing Point Neighborhood

Wing Point is one of the most popular neighborhoods on the island primarily due to its proximity to the ferry and Winslow and secondly because of the wide variety of homes found here. Many homes are on or close to the private Wing Point Country Club. Some a small mansions, and some are more humble homes. Some homes have views of Eagle Harbor and some are directly on the water in the older areas of Wing Point. Wing Point homes typically do not last too long on the market. For more information on the area visit the Wing Point blog post.

The Winslow Area

The homes in the core Winslow area are always very popular on the market. Being close to the ferry and Winslow is something many buyers now desire (both families and empty nesters) and that causes homes to sell for more per square foot. In Winslow you can find homes, condos and apartments. Homes in Winslow are typically on smaller lots. Some of the popular streets in the core area are Village Circle, Cosgrove Street, Eakin Drive, Lovell Avenue, Grow Avenue, Commodore Lane and North Town Drive. To learn about three of the larger neighborhoods in the core Winslow Area visit the Commodore & Commodore West blog post, the Hillandale blog post and the North Town Woods blog post.

South Island Neighborhoods

The sunny south end is popular for many reasons, but is best known for its warm southern exposure.  The south end enjoys proximity to the popular Lynwood Center and Pleasant Beach Village which offers shops, restaurants and a historic cinema.  Large neighborhoods like Fort Ward offer newer construction, while view neighborhoods like Bill Point are known for their 1970’s mid-century modern architecture.   Many Crystal Springs area homes have western exposure and views of Rich Passage while waterfront homes on Rockaway Beach or Country Club Road have the coveted eastern exposure and popular Seattle Space Needle view. Most homes in this area feed to the south end elementary school Captain Johnston Blakely.

The Bill Point Neighborhood

Bill Point is one of the few view neighborhoods on the island meaning homes have view covenants and protections on title. Most homes here were builtin the 1970’s and 1980’s and have a mid-century modern vibe. Many homes have striking views of Downtown Seattle and Eagle Harbor. Bill Point is the only neighborhood on the island with an outdoor neighborhood pool. Bill Point is defiantly on the south end and a bit father away from Winslow and the ferry.

The Crystal Springs and Point White Neighborhoods

Crystal Springs/Point White is a favorite area on the south end for many Islander’s. Crystal Springs Drive and Point White Drive and their various easement roads make up the bulk of the area. Most homes here are waterfront or view. Many homes here have the road between the home and the water, but that can be seen as a positive to some people as the road cuts down on waterfront pricing and also provides a protective bulkhead. Many locals walk the waterfront roads and the Point White Pier and Lynwood Center are great nearby local destination/gathering spots.

The Eagle Harbor/Eagle Dale Neighborhood

North Town Woods Neighborhood on Bainbridge Island - Jen Pells Bainbridge Agent

The Eagle Harbor Neighborhood is the bucolic/pastoral area on the south end of the island. The homes on Eagle Harbor Drive itself can have harbor views or be waterfront, but the bulk of the homes are historic farm lands, many with historic farm homes still standing. The popular streets in the area are New Sweden Drive, Taylor Avenue, Eagle Harbor Drive and McDonald Avenue. For more information and photos of the area visit the Eagle Harbor/Eagle Dale blog post.

The Lynwood Center Area

Baker Hill sold by Jen Pells Bainbridge Island Realtor

The Lynwood Center Area is comprised of homes that cluster around the Lynwood Center and the Pleasant Beach Village south end hub. These homes are off of Lynwood Center Road itself or Baker Hill Road. Many of these homes are on half acre to one acre sized lots. Some have views, but many do not. Lynwood Center stretches into parts of Pleasant Beach Drive too, which has some of the most stunning low bank waterfront homes on flat, estate-sized lots, also known as the Gold Coast of Bainbridge. Some of the positives here are being on the sunny south end, proximity to Lynwood Center and Fort Ward Park, beach access at Lytle Beach and being in the Blakely Elementary school zone. Stetson Ridge is a larger neighborhood in this area too, for more info visit the Stetson Ridge blog post.

The Rockaway Beach and Port Blakely Neighborhoods

Rockaway Beach Road is one of our most famous streets on the island. The majority of the homes in this area are directly on low bank waterfront. The lots are smaller, but the views of Seattle and the Space Needle are dramatic. There is public beach access at adjacent Rockaway Beach Park.

The Port Blakely area sits above Rockaway Beach Road and Blakely Harbor. Most homes here are in a large development called the Blakely Hill Neighborhood. The high quality homes in this area are on larger acre plus lots and many were built in the early 2000’s. The neighborhood is known for good sun, walking trails and is excellently sited close to Fort Ward Park and water access at Blakely Harbor.

The Fort Ward and South Beach Neighborhoods

Fort Ward on Bainbridge Island

The historic Fort Ward Neighborhood is one of the largest neighborhoods on the island. Made up of a variety of homes sizes and quality, there is typically something for every budget level in Fort Ward – from small .12 acre lots to 10 acre lots to waterfront estates. Fort Ward appeals to families and those who love to access the outdoors straight from their front door. Great sun and open spaces are built into the neighborhood. The neighborhood is also directly adjacent to Fort Ward Park. Fort Ward also connects to a portion of Pleasant Beach Drive, which has some of the most stunning low bank waterfront homes on flat, estate-sized lots, also known as the Gold Coast of Bainbridge. For more informations and photos of the area visit the Fort Ward blog post.

The South Beach Neighborhood has some of the best sun on the island, so it is no surprise that some of the most wonderful waterfront homes have been built here. Most homes have low to mid-bank waterfront and lovely southern and western exposure. Most homes are waterfront or view. Lovely, sleepy streets like South Beach Drive and Toe Jam Hill Road make good walking paths. This area also includes the waterfront Country Club Road that is built on Blakely Harbor and the private and exclusive County Club of Seattle neighborhood.