Award Winning Schools on Bainbridge Island

When I relocated to the island, with two young school-aged children, I spent many hours researching the schools. Bainbridge Island is known for its small schools and high test scores. But the island offers a wide variety beyond public – from private Waldorf to home school support, the island meets many educational needs. Below are links to the public school website and private schools, in addition to preschools and daycare.

I would also recomend a visit to or, both well organized, valuable websites with a plethora of information on schools, from test scores, to student-teacher ratios, to teacher education. I hope this information helps you start your research.


The Bainbridge Island Public School System boasts its quality education and prides itself on small schools and small class sizes. The district has one of the most highly educated teams of teachers in the state and the students achieve at the highest levels on the aggregate state testing (was WASL, now MSP).

There are three Elementary Schools, Ordway Elementary, Blakely Elementary and Wilkes Elementary (K-4). Ordway serves students on the central portion of the island, Blakely the south and Wilkes the north.

There is one intermediate school, Sakai Intermediate, which serves grades 5-6.  There is one middle school, Woodward Middle School, which is 7-8.

There is one high school, Bainbridge Island High School, which is 9-12.

There are also public parallel small school options through the Odyssey Multi-age Program, Eagle Harbor High School, and Commodore Options Home School Program.

Visit the Bainbridge Island School District web site to research the public schools on the island, look up the school calendar, and get a feel for school activities.

Your child may not be in or entering high school, but I think looking at the high school profile/report card tells a lot about the district as a whole.

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Private (A Sampling)

Preschools and Child Care