Bainbridge Island Housing Market

July 11, 2009
bad flooring

The Ten Most Hated Things About a House – these are the things you can change

Every week I tour about twelve homes. I go with a group of at least three other agents. People talk. We comment, we discuss in the car. After five years of doing this, here is what I have heard. 1. Smell – this is number one for me and a […]
February 22, 2009
Redfin Rant by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent on Bainbridge Island

Redfin Related Rant

Living a short boat ride from Seattle, the birthplace of Redfin, we see more Redfin here than most places. And once an idea is born, like a virus . . . it spreads. If you are not familiar with Redfin, in short, they are a real estate brokerage that credits […]
October 19, 2008
Housing data on Bainbridge Island - Jen Pells Agent

Housing Prices? Where are they Going? Let’s Look at Where They’ve Been

Data: Standard & Poor’s Everyone who owns a home or is thinking of buying a home is watching the housing market very closely. We can not predict the future, but, educated guesses can be made by looking back at history. I made this chart up using information from the Standard […]