January 26, 2010
Hillandale Neighborhood on Bainbridge Island by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent

In Search of the Vibe

I showed houses this past weekend to two separate families in two separate price ranges. Both families are working from two separate wants/needs lists, both have different limits and constraints. And . . . even in a time of year with a lean inventory (166 homes on the market), there […]
January 20, 2010

Am I a Fortune Teller? No, I look at facts, let’s look at housing data from Standard & Poors

Once again. In October of 2008, I wrote a post looking at the history of housing prices in the Seattle area.  Since my clients are still asking me to predict the future (should we buy now or wait??) – I thought it was important to update this data to see […]
January 12, 2010
The ferry from Bainbridge to Seattle by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent

Looking Back, Moving Forward – December and 2009 Year End Housing Numbers on Bainbridge Island

2009 was no 2008 Those of us in real estate could really feel these numbers below as we closed up the year.  2009 was a different year than 2008.  I am hoping for a “normal” market as we head into 2010.  To look at the year end numbers very simply, […]
January 6, 2010
Stetson Ridge on Bainbridge Island by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent on Bainbridge Island

The Stetson Ridge Neighborhood on Bainbridge Island

One of the original homes on Haley Loop, built by Cox Homes in 2001. One of the newer homes built by Chaffey in 2007. A newer custom home on Haley Loop built by Landmark Homes in 2006. A newer home on Ledgestone Loop built by Western Devco in 2008 . […]
January 5, 2010
Home on High School Rd on Bainbridge Island by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent

My Top 10 Homes on Bainbridge Island | 2009

  2009 is in the record books and on Bainbridge Island, in regards to real estate, it was a memorable year for many buyers. This past year many deals were had on new construction. Several homes that were built in 2007 or started in 2007, just as the market declined, […]