January 31, 2012
This year the Bainbridge School's Foundation has pledged a million dollars to help bridge the gap.

Bainbridge Schools Foundation – and a look inside our schools

Bridging the Gap The best way to describe what the Bainbridge Schools Foundation does is – bridge the gap.  They bridge the gap between state funding and the amount of money really needed to run a school – and run it well. Since 2006 BSF has been working hard to […]
January 29, 2012
Spring, when many sellers will put their homes in the market, is just around the corner.

How the Dominoes Fall – the process of selling and buying

Sellers are Getting their Houses Ready I have several buyers putting their homes on the market right now in states, far, far away.  They are preparing for their relocation to Bainbridge Island. These buyers often inquire about the PROCESS. The process of timing and orchestrating the sale, and then the […]
January 19, 2012

Bainbridge Island Real Estate Stats for 2011

2011 Year End Review As real estate agents we entered last year full of optimism and hope that 2011 would usher in numbers far different from what we saw in 2010.  But, by the second quarter we realized there were not going to be any major positive shifts in our […]
January 3, 2012
North Town Loop on Bainbridge Island

My Top 10 Homes on Bainbridge Island | 2011

You will notice many similarities in the list of homes below.  First of all, the majority of them sold very quickly, many in less than two weeks.  Many saw multiple offers and many are homes priced around $500k.  Many are close to the ferry with small lots. The long held […]