September 25, 2009
Hillandale Neighborhood on Bainbridge Island by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent

The Hillandale Neighborhood on Bainbridge Island

Nestled behind Weaver Creek on the corner of Weaver Road and Wyatt Way is the Award Winning Hillandale Neighborhood. Hillandale is a neighborhood of 36 homes that all line a circle and share a grassy, central open space. Built Between 1999 and 2005, Hillandale homes have Nantucket Style charm and […]
September 25, 2009
The Commodore Neighborhood on Bainbridge iIsland by Jen Pells Agent

The Commodore & Commodore West Neighborhoods on Bainbridge Island

A 1980’s era ranch style home in Commodore. Well manicured lawns and mature native landscaping enhance the neighborhoods. Another ranch style home in Commodore. Love the fall colors, trees are abundant in this neighborhood. And another Commodore home. This is an updated custom home built in the 1970’s. Many of the […]
September 24, 2009
Neighborhoods on Bainbridge Island | Jen Pells | Realtor

The North Town Woods Neighborhood on Bainbridge Island

The open space in the center of North Town Woods. Many, but not all, of the homes back to the large open space.  Before I moved here, I had a hard time visualizing what the island was like (even after a week long visit). I wasn’t sure if there were […]
September 14, 2009
Blackberry Muffins by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent Bainbridge

Summer Can’t Be Over . . . but since it is, make yourself some muffins

School has started, Labor day has passed, my tomatoes are finally ripening and the blackberry crop is thinning. Unfortunately (since summer here is always way too brief), all signs point towards fall. However, we are fortunate to live across the street from an easement that is loaded with blackberries. This […]
September 9, 2009
A house on Bainbridge Island by Jen Pells Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Market Stabilizing in Kitsap County

Shrinking inventory + increase in the number of pending sales + increase in median sales price since January 2009 = a stabilizing marketplace! Here are the statistics: Active Listings August 2009 = 2029 Active LIstings August 2008 = 2769 26.72% decline in inventory (that is a good thing, less supply […]